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How can I obtain in Liferay portlet (JSP) the directory of the data folder (usually it's in the home directory of liferay)? I tried using the DLFolderLocalServiceUtil, but I've failed.


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I fear that the next question is: How do I know which file to open from there - they're not named like the ones I uploaded... In case someone has this question (doesn't need to be you): You should access the document library through the DL* API. In fact, the document library doesn't need to be stored in that directory - or in the filesystem at all. –  Olaf Kock Aug 30 '12 at 18:08

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The following property specifies where would the documents be stored:


So I think you can use:

String documentPath = PropsUtil.get("dl.store.file.system.root.dir")

to get the value of this property in your custom plugin.

Caution (inspiration from Olaf's comment )
If you want to access the files/documents which you have uploaded from the Documents & Media portlets, better use the DLApp*Services to get them. This will help your implementation be clean and will also help in a smooth upgrade as Liferay is free to change the way it stores the files for Documents & Media portlets. Thank's Olaf.

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to be exact: The data folder is rather defined as ${liferay.home}/data - following that, it's used as the default home folder of the document library, but that is not mandatory. It's hard to answer the question without knowing the underlying problem - I fell into the same trap when I wrote that comment at the question –  Olaf Kock Aug 30 '12 at 18:11

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