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I'm running a slice of ubuntu hardy. I've installed sphinx, and I would like to run the sphinx indexer every x minutes. What is the best way to go about doing this?

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The standard Unix approach is cron, so you could for example edit /etc/crontab and add a line like

*/5 * * * *     root    sphynx [whatever other options you need]

which means

  • 'every five minutes' (for the */5 part)
  • of every hour (the * in position 2)
  • of every day of the month (the * in position 3)
  • of every month (the * in position 4)
  • of every day of the week (the final * in position 5)

Another example: '4 5 * * 6' amounts to 'at 5:04am (four minutes after five) on every Saturday (day of the week is 6).

You may need to or want to switch the user from root to, say, www-data is sphynx runs as that, and you obviously need to adjust the arguments.

Lastly, look into the directories

$ ls -1d /etc/cron.*

for examples --- other packages put their jobs there (and this mechanism is more general, and newer, than direct editing of /etc/crontab.

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Here is what I do to reindex and then restart the search daemon once a day.

* *     /1 * *  root    cd /home/sphinx && bin/indexer --all --rotate && bin/searchd --stop && bin/searchd
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