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Renaming a file on Debian Wheezy does not work using fs.rename or fs.renameSync.

This only happens in files moved from /tmp/ to another location.

The reported error is: EXDEV, cross-device link not permitted.

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You can see that. I think it useful for u [here][1] [1]: stackoverflow.com/questions/4568689/… –  SaliproPham Oct 15 '12 at 8:32

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Debian Wheezy uses tmpfs for the /tmp folder by default.

This can be turned off by modifing /etc/default/rcS.


has to be set to

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This is another solution that works for me:

var fs = require("fs"),
util = require('util');
//fs.renameSync(files.upload.path, "/tmp/test.png");

var readStream = fs.createReadStream(files.upload.path)
var writeStream = fs.createWriteStream("/tmp/test.png");

util.pump(readStream, writeStream, function() {
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