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When I run my web app inside eclipse using tomcat 7 maven plugin, I want an additional context to be deployed to tomcat. On the production enviroment this context is mapped to a directory outside tomcat dir using a context configuration

 <Context path="/userimages" docBase="C:/test/userimages">

And by this way is available in


How I achive the same on the development enviroment of the webapp (eclipse, tomcat7 maven plugin)? In other words I want the contents of that folder to be accessible through



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I found a workaround that doesn't do exactly what I originally wanted (publish another context using the tomcat maven plugin) but it solves my problem in a way. I add a folder "userimages" in the webapp folder of the application and this folder is used when developing. I prevent this folder from getting in the war and thus in the production server by using the "maven-war-plugin" with the following configuration in the pom.xml


Check also here and here

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You should configure tomcat7-maven-plugin plugin.

Try this way:


Then all your urls should start with http://wwww.myhost.com/your_app_context_path/...

More optional parameters for tomcat7:run goal can be found at apache tomcat maven plugin document

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