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I have this code

   public String class_name = "";  
      <c:when test="${WCParam.categoryId != null}">
        <% class_name = "my_account_custom"; %>
        <% class_name = "my_account_custom_3"; %>
<p>Class name = <c:out value='${class_name}' /></p>

WCParam.categoryId is null or not But my class_name variable is always empty. What i am doing wrong Thanks

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You'll likely want to be very careful regarding variables declared <%! %>, IIRC they are instance variables, thus shared across all users of that page. This may be okay, but IMO it should be avoided, like all scriptlets. –  Dave Newton Aug 30 '12 at 12:42

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Scriptlets (<%...%>) and expression language (${...}) are completely different things, therefore their variables belong to different scopes (variables used in EL expressions are actually request attributes of different scopes).

If you decalred class_name as a scriptlet variable, you should access it using scriptlet as well:

<p>Class name = <c:out value='<%=class_name%>' /></p> 

However, you can write it without using a variable at all:

<p>Class name = <c:out 
     value='${WCParam.categoryId != null ? "my_account_custom" : "my_account_custom3"}' /></p>    
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+1: that's true. el (${}) are used to access scope variables (app, session, request and page) and they can't access to variables that are defined within scriptlet –  mhshams Aug 30 '12 at 12:31

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