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This question is based on What do I need to know to make my website work on mobile browsers? which was posted in 2009 with some old websites and specific Microsoft stuff

I make web-apps mostly in Django and it doesn't seem to work very well in Android/Iphone/other mobile devices.

There are some apps like django-mobile ( that offers you the possiblity of making different sites depending on the flavor of the device. The problem is that we almost have to make 3 websites if we want to use it in Android, Iphone and PCs.

There are some W3C recommendations ( from 2006, with I think is obsolete because 6 years made the internet and the devices completelly different.

Any contributions concerning that?

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As far as I know (correct me if im wrong) Django is a Python framework, so it runs server-side. That should not effect anything running on the phone. All smart phones will be able to run HTML/CSS and JavaScript/jQuery.

If you are talking about how the page is displayed on such a small screen there are several options:

  1. Have a responsive design that adapts to the device's screen size. Have a look at Bootstrap.
  2. Have a separate mobile site and something that will detect a mobile/tablet device and forward it to the mobile site running on a subdomain like
  3. Have a non-responsive site and use the viewport meta tag.
  4. Another option is to use css media queries, which allow you to set conditional css depending on the screen or browser dimensions like this :

    @media only screen 
    and (min-width : 325px) 
    and (max-width : 500px) {

The nice thing about media queries is that you can get really detailed in theory you could have a media queries for 100's of devices specifying specific css for both the devices landscape and portrait mode.

Here's quite an interesting article about the Romney versus Obamas campaign and how each party has chosen to develop their mobile sites differently.

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+1. Was just about to post Twitter Bootstrap as an example of the increasingly popular method of using fluid layouts with @media queries. – Chaser324 Aug 30 '12 at 12:41

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