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I read an interesting article about Web-to-App interoperability. It states:

Android and iOS allow installed applications to respond to custom URIs from the web. Since I’m not as familiar with iOS, I will only cover how Android allows this to work, and how you can use this technique to your advantage. There are several use cases for allowing your app to handle custom URIs. The first one I’ll cover is simply launching your application.

Basically, a link (clicked on a mobile browser) can trigger a specific action with an installed App.

I found it intriguing and I realized that the Google Play Market itself works the same way with market:// links.

My question is: Can you provide (other) live examples in Android? And in Iphone?

I'm looking for good cases of this kind of "Web to App Interoperability" with both Android and Iphone applications.

Extra question: Can you suggest a tutorial or reference to do this in Iphone?

Thank you very much.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

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For the extra question, have a look here or here.

I know Spotify uses this. I believe Facebook does too.

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