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I have this code to deserialize this json but i keep getting this error:

"Cannot convert object of type System.String to type Namespace.Models.Url"

. The json structure is as below:

[ { fileUrl: "localhost/ContentManager/get/ovYWB0/81/wallpaper" }, { fileUrl: "localhost/ContentManager/get/AcjwO0/81/wallpaper" }, { fileUrl: "localhost/ContentManager/get/HCR0q0/81/wallpaper" } ]

The class i am mapping to is as below:

public class Url
    public string FileUrl { get; set; }

public class Response
    public Url FileUrl { get; set; }

The deserializing code is as below:

var serializer = new JavaScriptSerializer();
IList<MTContribute> data = new List<MTContribute>();

var items = serializer.Deserialize<List<Response>>(json);
foreach (var item in items)
    var newData = new MTContribute
        DateCreated = DateTime.Today,
        IsActive = Convert.ToBoolean("True"),
        MTContributeCategoryId = Category.MTContributeCategoryId,
        Url = item.FileUrl.FileUrl

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According your current json structure this should work

var items = serializer.Deserialize<List<Url>>(json); // Url instead of Response

if this won't work for you, you have to change the json structure in order to reflect the structure of Response class.

Unless I missed something, this is the necessary json structure

[{ fileUrl:{ fileUrl: "localhost/ContentManager/get/ovYWB0/81/wallpaper" }}]
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