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Is there a way to set break point via cmd line on using GDB.

Currently on running GDB, I need to set

 (gdb) b fun1
 (gdb) b fun2
 (gdb) b fun3

and If I close and open the GDB again, I need to set all the break points :( . Is there a way to set break point for GDB in cmd line itself, like

  $> gdb -break fun1 -break fun2 -break fun3 ./myprog
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GDB Provides -ex option to set GDB commands such as 'break' 'info' 'set print' 'display x' on invoking GDB from command line, as shown below

    $> gdb -ex 'break main' -ex 'info b' -ex 'set print pretty on' ./myprog

The option of -ex option is not specified in man page or in GDB help :(

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good work. this is new to me, and doesn't work on my main machine, gdb version 6.3.5, so be aware that this appears to be a recent feature. –  pb2q Aug 30 '12 at 20:04

Put your break commands in a file, and pass the file to gdb on the command line using the -x flag.

From man gdb:

   -x file
           Execute GDB commands from file file.

It turns out that there is a command for similarly passing commands, but on the command line: both -ex and -eval-command allow you to pass an individual command. It appears to have been introduced in version 7: it's unavailable on gdb 6.3.5, but available in 7.3.1. -ex and -eval-command are documented in the online gdb docs with the other command-line arguments here.

So, for your example:

$> gdb -ex 'break fun1' -ex 'break fun2' -ex 'break fun3' ./myprog

The other answers schooled me on this.

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It works but I need to keep file :(; No way setting it on cmd line? –  Viswesn Aug 30 '12 at 13:32
Not very elegant, but a command line: echo -e b fun1 "\n"b fun2 "\n"b fun3 >/tmp/cmd.tmp ; gdb -x /tmp/cmd.tmp ; rm /tmp/cmd.tmp @Viswesn –  alk Aug 30 '12 at 14:37

You can use the command gdb -ex 'b fun1' -ex 'b fun2' (or in long form -eval-command).

Curiously, it is missing in man gdb, but it is there in info gdb. And in the sources, of course!

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I Don't know if you can set breakpoints outside gdb, but I know you can use Linux commands inside gdb, so that you don't have to quit gdb frequently. The gdb command is shell yourcommand, if u wanna run ls, just type shell ls under gdb.

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