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How can i pass a variable from a .PHP script to Python and vice versa?.


$hello = 'hello'; 

print(get the result from $hello variable found in myPHPScript.php) 
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there are numerous IPC methods. It depends on context what method is preferable. –  J.F. Sebastian Aug 30 '12 at 13:35

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Depends on how you invoke the Python script. If you do that via system() for example, you can put it in the arguments:

$hello = 'world';

$result = shell_exec('/path/to/python /path/to/your/script.py ' . $hello);

and in Python:

import sys

who = sys.argv[1]

print "Hello %s" % who

Now $result in PHP will contain "Hello world".

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Some options:

  • let the PHP write its variable to a file using some format (e.g. JSON or something), let the python program read the file (but think about this: what happens when multiple processes try to read/write?)
  • let PHP store its data in a database, and the python script read from the same db (db should handle concurrency)
  • let one process call the other process, passing data via stdin/stdout (circumvents file)
  • use some other form of Inter Process Communication suitable for your platform
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Open a unix domain socket somewhere on the filesysytem. Somewhere like /var/run. Then have your processes read and write to it like a normal file. Boom. Bidirectional communication.

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