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I have four activity in my tasks A,B,C,D.

Activities are launched in order A->B->C->D.


  1. I want to go back to the activity A from D and resume that activity .
    So that i used the intent flag

  2. Activities B,C,D instance are is no longer needed after the stmt 1.
    i go for the flag to accomplish this,


In my appp using the above 1 and 2 i try to achieve like
- go back and resume the acivity A and remove the other activities from the stack
so i tried like.

    i.addFlags(Intent.FLAG_ACTIVITY_CLEAR_TOP); //vise versa  

using the above code both flags are appened here using this reference
(Android:What is difference between setFlags and addFlags for intent)

I am not able to achieve these task combined( resume the activity A and clear other).

actual calling scenario is

when i use the CLEAR flag the call is like   D->oncreate(A)   and clear BCD
when i use the REORDER flag the call is like   D->onrestart(A).  

So how can i combine this flags to get the combined action to resume A and clear other or is there any other way to do this.

this is my manifest

<manifest xmlns:android="http://schemas.android.com/apk/res/android" 
android:versionName="1.0" > 

android:targetSdkVersion="15" /> 

android:theme="@style/AppTheme" > 
<action android:name="android.intent.action.MAIN" />

activity 1->2

Intent i = new Intent(getApplicationContext(), TopMenuBar.class);
  • You can perform this action again in 1 seconds - retry / cancel

activity 2->3

Intent i = new Intent(getApplicationContext(), 


and 3-> 1

Intent i = new Intent(getApplicationContext(),


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So, this will work:




I recommend you to read documentation of Intent.FLAG_ACTIVITY_CLEAR_TOP.


The reason why it wasn't working for you is


in manifest.
Your NeverStopActivity activity was created in different task than others. The meaning of the singleInstance flag is described in Tasks and Back Stack.
I recommend you to read the whole article.

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this Intent.FLAG_ACTIVITY_SINGLE_TOP is similar to FLAG_ACTIVITY_REORDER_TO_FRONT or activity launch mode ="singleinstance" . We can achieve the single instace anyone of the above. My point is this clear_top is not working when add with these flags(activities on top of stack is not destroyed). how can i do this? – Muthuraj Sep 5 '12 at 5:41
What do you mean with "not destroyed"? Before I posted I had created sample project with activities A, B and C. Having ABC on stack and starting activity A with such intent as in the answer I get only A on stack, A wasn't recreated, and B,C were gone. Isn't is intended behavior? – pawelzieba Sep 5 '12 at 7:35
i also verified the same ABC . When i use the CLEAR_TOP alone and i called A from C . BC is getting destroyed, that we can see in the log which is given in onDestroy().But if we combine above things this ondestroy is not called, acitivities BC is just stopped not destroyed(i mean not clear). is that acutal behaviour or anything else? – Muthuraj Sep 5 '12 at 8:52
I logged all onCreate() onStop() onResume() onDestroy(). When I started new activity the old one was stopped (onStop()). When I started A activity from C then I get in logs such events: B - onDestroy(), A - onResume(), C - onStop(), C - onDestroy(). I can't see your code and I don't know why do you want to finish activities by yourself - system would do it for you when the activities aren't on stack or when system needs resources. Why it's important for you? – pawelzieba Sep 5 '12 at 12:14
this is the log i am getting in trace when i try the intent flag as you mentioned.. – Muthuraj Sep 6 '12 at 4:49

No need to call setFlags() and addFlags() separately, you can just call setFlags() with both FLAG_ACTIVITY_CLEAR_TOP and FLAG_ACTIVITY_SINGLE_TOP flags:

Intent i = new Intent(this, ActivityA.class);
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i tried this comibination but there is no change...... – Muthuraj Sep 6 '12 at 5:22
Did activity A come up to the screen after you call this code? – Joe Sep 6 '12 at 13:02
yes it is resumed again. – Muthuraj Sep 6 '12 at 13:38
Ah, do you want A to be resumed or to be re-created? – Joe Sep 6 '12 at 13:57
hi updated the answer in above post – Muthuraj Sep 7 '12 at 5:58

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