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I would like to know what the "best practice" is for the following scenario:-

I have a viewmodel that exposes a model via a public property. The model is a C# class (separate from the viewmodel) that implements INotifyPropertyChanged. In my view I bind textboxes to various properties of that model.

I would like to execute a method in my viewmodel whenever the model's property values change. What would be a good approach? My thoughts:-

  • Have the viewmodel pass a delegate to the model which gets called by the property's setter, or
  • Have the viewmodel subscribe to the model's PropertyChanged event?

The first feels like I would be contaminating what is essentially a POCO model, while the second option somehow doesn't feel quite right either - subscribing to an event that is normally used by views/binding.

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Have the ViewModel subscribe to the Model's PropertyChanged event

The INotifyPropertyChanged interface is meant to be used for any object that needs to raise property change notifications, not just objects that get bound to the UI. I use it all the time for non-UI purposes :)

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Great - common sense was telling me this was the way to go, so good to get confirmation. – Andrew Stephens Aug 30 '12 at 13:38

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