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I'm currently using jquery and javascript to get json data, which I would like to add to a list. The raw data received from it's source looks like this;

null({"groups": "Blacksheep,Family,Voice,Technical,Band"})

with a bit of code my input comes out as


My code takes these values and puts them though a for loop, looping once for each entry. it then takes that entry's name and puts it into a <li> field on my html document inside of a <ul> tag named people.

for (i=0 ; i < input.length ; i++){
    document.getElementById("people").innerHTML += "<li>" + input[i] + "</li>";

I tried to turn it into an array but adding a '[' on each side, but obviously it isn't so easy. at the moment it takes the json entry and lists each letter instead of word.

is there a way to separate each word from json? or a way to interpret it as an array?

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Did you try this: {"groups": ["Blacksheep","Family","Voice","Technical","Band"]} – Ashkan Aug 30 '12 at 13:35
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you can split the var


this returning a string of array..

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Thank you for your swift reply, it works – Captain Dando Aug 30 '12 at 13:51

The data is a string. you can use .split(delimiter) to split the words.

//split by ",". now input is an array
input = input.split(',');
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Take the string and use .split to convert it to an Array

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This should do it. As all the answer mention split the string.

var arr = "Blacksheep,Family,Voice,Technical,Band";
var input = arr.split(",");

for (i=0 ; i < input.length ; i++){
    document.getElementById("people").innerHTML += "<li>" + input[i] + "</li>";
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