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I have an AS3 Object: {p1:"..", p2:".."} I want con create another object that contains the first one in a property whose name is defined by a variable:

var propertyName:String = "myName";
var myObj = new Object();
myObj.something_that_creates_a_property_named_as_propertyName({p1:"..", p2:".."})

does it make any sense?

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This is not really metaprogramming. I do not know the exact word, but it is posible because actionscript is a dynamic language. –  Jacob Poul Richardt Aug 3 '09 at 8:17
you're right.. I never really understood what metaprogramming was, I'll read some more about it! –  luca Aug 4 '09 at 19:42

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var propertyName:String = "myName";
var myObj = new Object();
myObj[propertyName] = {p1:"..", p2:".."};
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