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I am developing an application where I am creating multiple buttons in UIView. Here, user is able to move the button location anywhere in the view, and whenever the button position is changed, I want to compare the moved button location frame with the previous frame. Let me explain briefly, if ( btn1 ) in the position of (100, 100, 30,40) and ( btn2 ) in the position of ( 200,100,30,40), and when I am dragging my ( btn1 ) to the new position, here I want to get the moved location frame and compare with the ( btn2 ) frame. If it equals then I would like to move ( btn2 ) to (btn1) and (btn1) to (btn2).


Btn1(100, 100, 30,40)                 Btn2 ( 200,100,30,40)
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what have you tried? frames are just 4 values, just need to compare all four to each other for equality. if(x1==x2 && y1==y2 && w1==w2 && h1==h2) –  Augie Aug 30 '12 at 14:11

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use CGRectEqualToRect(<#CGRect rect1#>, <#CGRect rect2#>)

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even better than comparing all 4 props, cheers! –  Augie Aug 30 '12 at 14:18
Works Fine.Thanks –  jireh Aug 31 '12 at 11:43

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