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So I have a jenkins job to update a copy of my code and generate the phpdoc for my library, this is all done with phing

When I use these line in de build.xml it generates jsut fine (but with phpdocumentor 1.4.4)

<target name="phpdoc">
        <echo msg="PHP Documentor..." />
        <phpdoc title="API Documentation"
            <fileset dir="./library/Core">
                <include name="**/*.php" />

I want to use the new version of phpdocumentor so i installed it with pear

pear install phpdoc/phpDocumentor-alpha

But when I run this command (I found this in the phing docs), jenkins prints "PHP documentor" and then directly marks the build as failed

<target name="phpdoc">
        <echo msg="PHP Documentor..." />
        <phpdoc2 title="API Documentation"  destdir="/var/www/corelib" template="responsive">
            <fileset dir="./library/Core">
                <include name="**/*.php" />

I have zendserver installed on this server but that can't be a problem because phpdoc 1.4.4 runs fine

So how do i solve this?

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What output does the console log show? – cweiske Sep 17 '12 at 8:03
i forgot about this issue, but i will post the solution as an answer (i had it fixed at the irc channel of phpdocumentor) – acrobat Sep 17 '12 at 9:38
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Ok i found the solution, so i post it for future reference

With some help of the people on the irc channel of phpdocumentor

so this a bug with the latest build of phing in combination with the latest version of phpdocumentor. To fix this problem just revert the instalation of phpdocumentor2 to this version

phpDocumentor 2.0.0a3

This will fix the problem with phing and the documentation gets generated with no problem

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