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This doesnt seem to work:

 /// delete emails first
         $this->db->where('DateSent', 'DateSent!=NULL');

I guess I need to use a loop. Not sure how to go about doing this. Can anyone help?


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If you were to look in the very useful CodeIgniter userguide you'll see the operator should be included as part of the first parameter not second. This should solve it:

$this->db->where('DateSent !=', 'NULL');
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Didn't work: A Database Error Occurred Error Number: Incorrect syntax near '='. DELETE FROM Emails WHERE DateSent != – thejoker Aug 30 '12 at 14:37
Sorry had a typo... I've updated it to include single quotes around the NULL – Josh Holloway Aug 30 '12 at 14:41

Try this:

    DELETE FROM `Emails`
    WHERE id NOT IN (
        SELECT id
        FROM (
            SELECT id
            FROM `Emails`
            WHERE `Emails`.`DateSent` = NULL
        ) foo

Query taken from SQL query: Delete all records from the table except latest N? then modified

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First you need to store the selected values into an array say "$checked"

$checked = implode(',',$checked);     //then it looks array('id1','id2','id3',..);

then you can delete as

$this->db->where("iUserId in",$checked);


that's works for me.i hope it useful for you.accept if its useful

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