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I have written a C# app that reads Excel files and imports the data into SQL Server. The first row of the files contain the column names. I have been using GetOleDbSchemaTable to get the coloumn names. This has worked just fine.

I have now run into some Excel files where the first row is blank and the second row contains the column names. I don't want to have to hand edit the files to remove the blank row before using them.

Is there a way for GetOleDbSchemaTable to skip the first row and look at the second row for the column names? Any other way to handle this?

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By coincidence I put the following comment in different question

As far as I remember the header of the table must be in the first row, [..]

I believe it is still valid - I remember that I used to have this problem and I ended it up with removing offending row via code.

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