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How can I get the current running suite name at run time in my test case? I am using the piece of code shown below for getting the current suite name.

Listeners class:

public class SuiteListener implements ISuiteListener{

private static ThreadLocal<ISuite> ACCESS = new ThreadLocal<ISuite>();

public static ISuite getAccess() {
         return ACCESS.get();

public void onFinish(ISuite suite) {

public void onStart(ISuite arg0) {


Test Class:

    @Listeners({ SuiteListener.class })
public class Practise {

    @DataProvider(name = "getXlsPath")
    public Object[][] createData() throws Exception {
        String [][] testCasesPaths=null;
        ISuite suiteListner = SuiteListener.getAccess();
        String runningSuite=suiteListner.getName();
        return testCasesPaths;

    public void test2(String xlsPath){

Testng xml:

<suite name="tables" >
<test name="vendor" >
        <class name="Practise" ></class>

The code works perfectly until I specify the parallel="tests" attribute in the suite:

<suite name="tables" parallel="tests" >

In this case I could not get the suite name--it's not executing. Can someone help me on this, to get the suite name?

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You can access the Xml file and the current Xml test from the ITestContext, which can be injected in test methods:

public void f(ITestContext ctx) {
  String suiteName = ctx.getCurrentXmlTest().getXmlSuite().getName();
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in onStart() you can get the suite name of the current running suite, you can use loggers or sysouts to print.

  public void onStart(ISuite suite) {
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