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I need help regarding how to collect data from text boxes created dynamically. I am giving my html code. my adding and removing code for textboxes is working prefectly. I would like to know where i am doing wrong whether in defining array of textboexs. Whether i am not collecting textbox values properly. Another question is how should i pass this array value to another page after submitting page for inserting into DB.

This code is for taking values for itineraries for a tour for travel agent.

Here is my html form ` Enter Itinerary Details Name of Tour (category) Days City Itinerary Night Stay -->

            <div id="TextBoxesGroup">

              <div id="TextBoxDiv1">


                <input type='text'  id='dayNo'  name="itinerary[]" >
                <input type="text"  id='cityName'  name="itinerary[]">
                <input type='text'  id='schedule'  name="itinerary[]">
                <input type='text'  id='nightStay'  name="itinerary[]">



            <input type='button' value='Add Button' id='addButton'>
            <input type='button' value='Remove Button' id='removeButton'>
            <input type='button' value='Get TextBox Value' id='getButtonValue'>     
            <input type="submit" name="submit" id="submit" value="Submit" />


I would like to know does i have defined correct array name "itinerary[]". If there are 10 days tour then there will be 10 rows containing 4 fields. How should i collect those rows and send to another page for inserting. Please let me how should i write the VALUES () section after collecting into array. Can i send this data of 10 rows using session. Can i send this data as parameter. I am sorry for so many questions in one post. I have tried all these way but no successes or most probably i m wrong somewhere Please help me this is live site. Stuckedup in this part Thanks millions in advance.

Sorry for this delayed reply to your ans. Actually i really getting no idea about how should i declear the arrays. Honestly this is mking me very frustrating. and loosing my time. Please Guide me if u can. I am giving my JS code for adding the text box dynamically and in my previous post i have given the HTML code. Can u check please whether i am doing correct the naming convention for the declearing array. Please make necessary changes into my code please and paste here plz.

Here is my JS code adding textboxes dynamically


var counter = 2;

$("#addButton").click(function () {

        alert("Only 30 textboxes allow");
        return false;

var newTextBoxDiv = $(document.createElement('div')).attr("id", 'TextBoxDiv' + counter + ' ' + 'style="width:750px;"');

      '<input type="text" name="itinerary[dayNo]'+ counter + '" id="dayNo'+ counter + '" value="'+ counter + '" >' +
      '<input type="text" name="itinerary[cityName]'+ counter + '" id="cityName'+ counter + '" value="" >'+
      '<input type="text" name="itinerary[schedule]'+ counter + '" id="schedule'+ counter + '" value="" >'+
      '<input type="text" name="itinerary[nightStay]'+ counter + '" id="nightStay'+ counter + '" value="" >' );


No i am giving again my HTML code.. can you check whether i am giving the names properly or not.. It will be greatest help for me.

Here is my HTML Code

 <div id='TextBoxesGroup'>

              <div id="TextBoxDiv1">


                <input type='text'  id='dayNo'  name="itinerary[dayNo][]" >
                <input type="text"  id='cityName'  name="itinerary[cityName][]">
                <input type='text'  id='schedule'  name="itinerary[schedule][]">
                <input type='text'  id='nightStay'  name="itinerary[nightStay][]">

            <input type='button' value='Add Button' id='addButton'>
            <input type='button' value='Remove Button' id='removeButton'>
            <input type='button' value='Get TextBox Value' id='getButtonValue'>     
            <input type="submit" name="submit" id="submit" value="Submit" />              

Now tell me how should i pass the values collected in the array to either session or thru URL like ---action="savedata.php?arr=...."

Please make correction in my code itself.. i m new and feeling very lost since last few days.

I wrote like this about passing the values to array


   $totalArray = itinerary;



Is this correct way to send thru session. Thanks millions in advance

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You are asking a lot of questions about methods that we can't see from your code. Are you collecting data using JS and passing it to PHP using POST/GET, or are you letting the form submit the results as the normal action? A little more info will help. –  BayssMekanique Aug 30 '12 at 14:36
Hi BayssMekanique, Ya.. i m sending thru submit button and i wish to get the data in array on other page. I am collecting data using dynamically generated textboxes it 2D array. I m not getting how to assign array to a variable and send thru Session or thru parameter in action="abc.php?...". Another how to receive the whole array and send to data base. thanks in advace –  kedar Aug 31 '12 at 12:42

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I'm not sure to understand your issue very well, i'll try to explain steps.

  • Don't use generic ID for dynamics inputs.
  • PHP doesn't matter about id's
  • If you want to match a "block" of schedule, and match it with jQuery, set a proper data-* to each, or even a class.

Here's an example :

<div class="TextBox" data-formNum="0">
   <input type='text' name="itinerary[dayNo][]">
   <input type='text' name="itinerary[cityName][]">
   <input type='text' name="itinerary[schedule][]">
   <input type='text' name="itinerary[nightStay][]">

When you want to add a block of form with jQuery, use :

var idToAdd = $(".TextBox:last").attr("data-formNum")+1;

When you send this form to PHP, everything is going to be formated like :

    [intinerary] => Array
            [dayNo] => Array
                    [0] => 15
                    [1] => 14

            [cityName] => Array
                    [0] => London
                    [1] => Prague

Then you can write an INSERT INTO function cycling on this array like:

for ($i=0; $i < count($_POST['itinerary']['dayNo']);$i++)
     $day = $_POST['itinerary']['dayNo'][$i];
     $cit = $_POST['itinerary']['cityName'][$i];

Hope this helped.
Let me know if I misunderstood.

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