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I'm trying to implement something similar to a hash table in ML, but i want to use lists as keys. I think I could use the ORD_MAP structure, but I want to provide my own structure for the ORD_KEY signature, so that I can use lists as ord_keys, but I cant find a way to do it. How could it be done?

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ORD_MAP and ORD_KEY are signatures. If you want to be able to use a map, you'll need a specific implementation. For example:

structure Key =
    type ord_key = int
    val compare =
structure Map = RedBlackMapFn (Key)

Then, you can do:

  - Map.singleton (1, "foo");
   val it = - : string map
   - Map.find (it, 1);
   val it = SOME "foo" : string option

Hope that helps! The documentation on these interfaces is:

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An example that I think answers your question lies at cornell's university lecture here: Cornell's Lecture

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