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I have a FlowDocument in which I need to insert many fragments of dynamic text at arbitrary positions.

For example, I need to place text "Hello" at x = 10, y = 15 and text "World" at x = 10, y = 20.

I'm currently doing this using Figure. I create a Run with the text, put it in a Paragraph, and put all that in a Figure. From there I can set it's VerticalOffset and HorizontalOffset. Then I place all the figures in a Paragraph which I add to the FlowDocument.

Everything was going OK (it was the simplest approach I could came up) until I had to place two or three fragments of text on the same line (at the same y but different x).

For some reason it's putting each Figure on a new line instead of putting them all in the same line, let me illustrate:


text1      text2                             text3



Does anybody know how to remove that line break between figures? If you have a better approach to this problem I'm open to suggestions too.

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I ditched FlowDocument and went with XAML and used a Canvas... made my life much easier being able to place all text fields visually... much easier to maintain in the long run too.

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We had to take that approach as well. – Alireza Feb 26 '13 at 6:07

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