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I want to render in a template an image that originates from a ClientBundle. But what I get instead is this:


I've checked the contents of the datasource and if I copy the image (data:image/png;base64...) in {0} it works.

Why it doesn't work if I pass it as a parameter?

DataResource inputCheckImage = MGWTStyle.getTheme().getMGWTClientBundle().inputCheckImage();
private static Template TEMLPATE = GWT.create(Template.class); 

public interface Template extends SafeHtmlTemplates
    @SafeHtmlTemplates.Template("<div><img src=\"{0}\"></div>")
    SafeHtml content(String image);

public void render(SafeHtmlBuilder safeHtmlBuilder, Action model) {

    SafeUri url = inputCheckImage.getSafeUri();
    SafeHtml safeHtml = TEMLPATE.content(url.asString());
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Use SafeUri as the argument type on your template, otherwise the value will be sanitized and a data: URI is considered unsafe.

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SafeUri can't be used, i get an error, but the error suggests that I use SafeHtml, and that works. –  user905374 Aug 31 '12 at 6:33
What's the error message with SafeUri? and which GWT version are you using? com.google.gwt.user.client.ui.impl.ClippedImageImpl uses SafeUri in SafeHtmlTemplates starting with GWT 2.4: code.google.com/p/google-web-toolkit/source/browse/tags/2.4.0/… –  Thomas Broyer Aug 31 '12 at 9:38
Yes, you're right, thanks. –  user905374 Aug 31 '12 at 12:14

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