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I'm writing code to show the prices of some products. If the price is 0 it doesn't show anything.

<? if ($book->price_euro != 0) {$europrice = number_format($book->price_eur, 2); echo "€$europrice";}?>
<? if ($book->price_gbp != 0) {$gbpprice = number_format($book->price_gbp, 2); echo "£$gbpprice";}?>
<? if ($book->price_usd != 0) {$usdprice = number_format($book->price_usd, 2); echo "$$usdprice";}?>

This echoes "€0.00 £33.00 $66.00 ". The € price is set to 99. I can see no reason whatsoever that this should echo as 0! Am I doing something wrong? Bad syntax?

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Echo out the prices without number formatting them, just to see what they are before you run them through the function. –  Wayne Whitty Aug 30 '12 at 15:28
can you add a bit more of the code? –  Dameo Aug 30 '12 at 15:30
I advice you not to use short tags [i.e. <? ?>] nor to make loosy comparisons with != - use !== instead for being more consistent. –  moonwave99 Aug 30 '12 at 15:31

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$europrice = number_format($book->price_eur, 2

shouldn't it be $book->price_euro ?

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how embarrassing! thanks, that was it. –  jimmy Aug 30 '12 at 15:58

Typo in Euro

number_format($book->price_eur, 2); // This is what you have.

number_format($book->price_euro, 2); // This is what you need.
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I don't see anything wrong with this code without seeing more. But maybe your variable?

<? if ($book->price_euro != 0) {$europrice = number_format($book->price_eur, 2); echo "€$europrice";}?>

price_eur should be price_euro?

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number_format($book->price_eur, 2);

should be

number_format($book->price_euro, 2);

The null value is causing your problem.

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You might still be getting null values or something else try using empty instead

<? if (empty($book->price_euro)) {$europrice = number_format($book->price_euro, 2); echo "€$europrice";}?>
<? if (empty($book->price_gbp)) {$gbpprice = number_format($book->price_gbp, 2); echo "£$gbpprice";}?>
<? if (empty($book->price_usd)) {$usdprice = number_format($book->price_usd, 2); echo "$$usdprice";}?>
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