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I'm trying to convert the following XML into a Time:

 <time hour="18" minute="05" timezone="Eastern" utc-hour="-4" utc-minute="00" />

I'm parsing the XML using SimpleXML, and storing that in a class. I also tried printing out the following:

print strtotime($x->time->attributes()->hour . ":" . $x->time->attributes()->minute) . "<br>\n";

The results I got from that print looked something like this:


I guess the result I'm expecting would be either 18:05 or 6:05 PM

Is there any way I can get it to convert to the style I'm expecting? Also, if I were to add the timezone onto the end is there any way for it to figure that out?

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I would advise against using strtotime here. Instead try mktime.


Also you need to format the time stamp (what you printed out was the unix representation). You can do this with the date function.

date("H:i", $time);
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You can bring it into a form strtotime() understands (including the timezone info)

$x = new SimpleXMLElement('<x>
    <time hour="18" minute="05" timezone="Eastern" utc-hour="-4" utc-minute="00" />

$ts = sprintf('%02d:%02d %+03d%02d', $x->time['hour'], $x->time['minute'], $x->time['utc-hour'], $x->time['utc-minute']);
$ts = strtotime($ts);
echo gmdate(DateTime::RFC1123, $ts), "\n", date(DateTime::RFC1123, $ts);

My local timezone is CET/CEST (utc+2 in this case), therefore the script prints

Mon, 03 Aug 2009 22:05:00 +0000
Tue, 04 Aug 2009 00:05:00 +0200
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The strToTime function will recognize a date or time in string format, and then convert it to a Unix Timestamp (the number of seconds since the Unix Epoch (the Unix epoch being January 1, 1970 a midnight, UTC).

So, what you need to do is take the resul of your strToTime function, and use the date function to format them in a more human readable way

//24 hour clock
print date(
      strtotime($x->time->attributes()->hour . ":" . $x->time->attributes()->minute) . "<br>\n");

//12 hour clock
print date(
      'h:i a',
      strtotime($x->time->attributes()->hour . ":" . $x->time->attributes()->minute) . "<br>\n");

Full formatting options can be found the date entry on php.net

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