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In the graph above, the query

start n=node(7,8,9) 
match n-[objectScore:score]->o-[:object_of_destination]->d<-[:destination_score]-n, 
o-[:instance_of]->ot, o-[:date]->oDate, d-[:date]->dDate where'HOTEL'  
return n, o, objectScore,  d;

returns o as null.

Change the query to remove relationship identifier - objectScore

start n=node(7,8,9) 
match n-[:score]->o-[:object_of_destination]->d<-[:destination_score]-n,
o-[:instance_of]->ot, o-[:date]->oDate, d-[:date]->dDate where'HOTEL'  
return n, o, objectScore,  d;

and the output returns o node correctly.

For my scenario I need both of them. Not sure How to do that? Any suggestions on this.

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Nice find. I'm interested to hear an answer, but I think you need to remove the return ... objectScore for it to run the 2nd query. – Eve Freeman Aug 30 '12 at 16:16
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Nice find. We track Cypher issues on github, so I've opened an issue about it there:

Thanks so much for reporting it!

Edit: I've found the problem. A simple workaround is to, ironically, introduce an optional relationship. The problem is located in one of the matchers Cypher can use, and by marking a piece of your pattern as optional, you force Cypher to use a different matcher. If you want to

So, change your MATCH to this:

match n-[objectScore:score]->o-[:object_of_destination]->d<-[:destination_score]-n, 

A real fix is in the works.

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Just commenting: This is now fixed in the 1.9-SNAPSHOT build. – Eve Freeman Sep 30 '12 at 0:14
Damn : Since neo4j repositories merges, that issue has been lost. Where can i see it ? – Riduidel Jan 29 '13 at 10:55

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