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I was recently asked to provide a quote on integrating a security solution like most Online Banks use, where there is a security token which key/numbers are randomly changing.

The portal is an ASP.NET website, 2.0...

I haven't implemented this type of security authentication before. Can anyone provide guidance, suggestions, experiences, etc, about the components/hardware they've worked with?


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The most secure way of doing it with a physical token is actually to use a third party product such as RSA SecurId. They also have a version for sending the token to a mobile device which is part of their "On-demand Authenticators" offering.

Otherwise if you want to manufacture your own system then you need to consider:

  • The lifetime of the token.
    • What length of time does the token need to be active for?
    • What happens if the client is in a different timezone than the server?
  • The randomness of the token?
    • What method are you using to generate the token? Last n digits of GUID? Psuedo Random number table? secret + userID + random number, hashed and then take last n digits?
    • What are the valid characters for a token? [0-9]* | [a-zA-Z]* | [0-9A-F]* | etc.
    • What is the length of the token?
  • Where is the token stored before it is validated?
  • How secure is the mechanism used to transport the token?
    • Over HTTPS?
    • Over public SMS network?
  • How does the user receive the token?
    • Rabo bank have a device which you unlock with a pin and then a code is issued.
    • Could have a device that you enter the given token and it issues the token you need to respond with?
  • What happens if an expired token is presented?
  • How many tries to you give them before you lock the device/access?

I was involved with putting a system together for a bank. It was implemented using a mechanism similiar to that offered by the Microsoft Federation Gateway. It might not have been for a Login but it was still used for Authentication.

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Thanks David. The bank I use already uses that RSA token for two way authentication...and their portal is on .NET so basically I was looking for some pointers on how it all integrates on a .NET environment. Like do I need to have a server running somewhere specifically for providing/matching the keys somehow? Or is there a .NET component that I integrate directly into my existing AS.NET site? Any comments are greatly appreciated, thanks. –  GR7 Aug 22 '09 at 15:22
If you are using RSA then you will need to install their product in your environment and integrate to that using their components. Which is either a webservice call or a call to a COM component. –  David McEwing Aug 23 '09 at 20:06

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