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As our application is an existing one and with lots of data we decided to implement our own MembershipProvider.

In this process I had to customize CreateUser with different signature. And this is my signature.

public MembershipUser CreateUser(string firstName, string lastName, string password, string email, string phone, out MembershipCreateStatus status, string title = null, UserRole role = UserRole.User)
        // New user logic

I am calling this CeateUser method after initializing my provider. As I am initializing the instance, but I am not calling the Initialize method on that instance. How to avoid this initialization part and calling my CreateUser method.

var provider = new EastpointMembershipProvider(); 

            provider.CreateUser(model.UserName,string.Empty,  model.Password, model.Email, string.Empty,out createStatus,"Mr");


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After browsing for a while I found no need to Initialize the custom membership provider explicitly.

Initialize will be called when we retrieve provider from Membership.Provders["ProviderName"].

var membership = (CustomMembershipProvider)Membership.Providers["CustomMembershipProvider"];
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you're my savior I did like this: FNHMembershipProvider membershipProvider = (FNHMembershipProvider)Membership.Provider; –  Hashem Aboonajmi Jan 18 '14 at 16:10
@HashemAboonajmi I am glad it helped you. –  Naresh Jan 23 '14 at 12:24

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