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We are setting up a slightly complicated project using Play Framework 2.0.3.

We need to access several databases (pre-existing) and would like to do it using the frameworks built-in facilities (ie. EBean).

We tried to create all model classes within the "models" package, and then map each class with its FQN to the corresponding EBean property in the application.conf:


This doesn't seem to work:

PersistenceException: Error with [models.SomeClass] It has not been enhanced but it's superClass [class play.db.ebean.Model] is? (You are not allowed to mix enhancement in a single inheritance hierarchy) marker[play.db.ebean.Model] className[models.SomeClass] 

We checked and re-checked and the configuration is OK!

We then tried to use a different Java package for each database model classes and map them accordingly in the application.conf:

ebean.firstDB = "packageA.*"
ebean.secondDB = "packageB.*"
ebean.thirdDB = "packageC.*"

This works fine when reading information from the database, but when you try to save/update objects we get:

PersistenceException: The default EbeanServer has not been defined? This is normally set via the ebean.datasource.default property. Otherwise it should be registered programatically via registerServer()

Any ideas?

Thanks! Ricardo

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I have the exact same issue, did you find a solution ? – Julien Jan 4 '13 at 15:32

You have to specify in your query which database you want to access.

For example, if you want to retrieve all users from your secondDB :

// Get access to your secondDB
EbeanServer secondDB = Ebean.getServer("secondDB");

// Get all users in secondDB
List<User> userList = secondDB.find(User.class).findList(); 
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When using save(), delete(), update() or refresh(), you have to specify the Ebean server, for instance for the save() method:"firstDB");
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Might not be the same case, I ran to this SomeClass not enhanced PersistenceException with Play 2.1.0, and only what was missing was a public declaration in SomeClass model class that I had forgotten..

In Play 2.1.0 the error message was a little different:

PersistenceException: java.lang.IllegalStateException: Class [class play.db.ebean.Model] is enhanced and [class models.Address] is not - (you can not mix!!)
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This solved my issue with saving to my db table and resolving the error:

"javax.persistence.PersistenceException: The default EbeanServer has not been defined ? This is normally set via the ebean.datasource.default property. Otherwise it should be registered programatically via registerServer()"

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