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I am trying to print a single image to a zebra printer from android.

List of things i already tried(not exactly in this order).zp is a ZebraPrinter,zpc is a ZebraPrinterConnection

Version 1 - prints blank (however the height seems to be correct)

     zpc.write("! U1 JOURNAL \r\n U1 SETFF 50 2 \r\n");

Version 2 - prints blank (however the height seems to be correct)

     zpc.getToolsUtil.sendCommand("! U1 JOURNAL \r\n U1 SETFF 50 2 \r\n");

Version 3 -prints image followed by a lot of empty space,there are no issues with the image in this case it looks great



1.tried ZPL,the printer language isn't ZPL,its probably CPCL(which is unknown to me)

2.text files print ok,so the printer's working fine

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Did you find any solution?i am facing the same problem of empty space after the image? –  Zain Ali Apr 9 '13 at 6:32

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So, you want the image to print correctly but not have the extra whitespace at the end, correct?

If that's what you want, then your SETFF command needs to be fixed. You need to send down something like this (see the CPCL manual for more options of the SETFF command:

SETFF 50 2

The code would look something like this :

zpc.write("! UTILITIES\r\nIN-MILLIMETERS\r\nSETFF 10 2\r\nPRINT\r\n".getBytes());
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Also prints blank –  SPMile Aug 31 '12 at 12:53
Does it also feed lots of paper after the print job? –  Ovi Tisler Aug 31 '12 at 13:07
it feeds about 10 inch –  SPMile Aug 31 '12 at 14:55
what kind of media do you have? Black mark? Gap? Label or receipt? Check your media setting SGDs. ! U1 getvar "media.sense_mode" and ! U1 getvar "media.type" –  Ovi Tisler Aug 31 '12 at 15:31
Hey, I am facing the same issue of printing some inches after the black mark is found on paper. I am using commands ! DF CONFIG.SYS ! UTILITIES BAR-SENSE LABEL PRINT Any help ? –  SweetWisher シ Dec 5 at 5:35

To remove extra space Use the code as

zpc.write("! UTILITIES\r\nIN-MILLIMETERS\r\nSETFF 10 2\r\nPRINT\r\n".getBytes());

where 4th and 5th parameter can be as you required ...

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