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Can someone explain how the Presentational Layer communicates with the Service Layer?

I know I have to use these things to make this magic happen (WCF, DTO, and Javascript), but I'm not exactly sure how to fit it all together.

WCF - Windows communication foundation - MS technology for building service oriented applications

DTO - Data transfer object - special type of object used to tranport data from one layer/tier to other layer/tier.

I'm using aspx, javascript for my presentational layer, which is not too much different from html. So I guess the question is how can I use javascript to communicate through DTO's to my WCF service layer?

My Architecture:

| Presentational Layer (aspx) |

| Service Layer (Uses WCF) |

| Business Layer (Uses C#) |

| Data Access Layer |

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If you are going to use JavaScript, you will have much better luck writing SOAP web services instead - which can be easily done in C#.

WCF is best when the provider and consumer are both written in .net.

Box 1 (Web Services Server) Layers

  • Exposed Services (WCF Web Service Provider)
  • Business (C#)
  • Data Access

Box 2 (Web Server) Layers

  • View (ASPX/Javascript)
  • Controler (C#)
  • Model (WCF Web Service Consumer)

MSDN Examples: http://msdn.microsoft.com/en-us/library/ms734712.aspx

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