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can anyone give me pointers to a library/way of getting country specific calendars. THis is because I am looking to implement Quartz and would like to use different calendars for different countries.

THank you

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Have a look at this ->


As Joao suggested, you can use

Calendar c = Calendar.getInstance(Locale.FRANCE);

You should also look at this

Is there a way to get a timeZone with (only) a country code (valid ISO-3166 code)?

and this

non standard locale with java.util.Calendar

Else best is using Joda-Time

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I would suggest trying Joda Time


, which has different Chronologies.

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thanks, for telling me about such a good library. – user1479589 Sep 3 '12 at 10:21

JodaTime is a very good api to manipulate those things.


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