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I'm using YUI compressor to minify and combined some JS files. I can minify individual files no problem using this:

TimPeterson$ -jar yuicompressor-2.4.7.jar /assets/js/input1.js -o /assets/js/output.js --charset utf-8

However, when I tried to combined and minify multiple JS files i got this help message:

Multiple files can be processed using the following syntax:
TimPeterson$ java -jar yuicompressor.jar -o '.js$:-min.js' *.js

If I want to compress and minify /assets/js/input1.js AND /assets/js/input2.js how would that look with this syntax?

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java -jar yuicompressor.jar -o '.js$:-min.js' /assets/js/input1.js /assets/js/input2.js

This should generate /assets/js/input1-min.js and /assets/js/input2-min.js

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