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All of my elements which init by my jquery plugin sharing the same local variable when it running. I did a test and found out because this line:

var tmp1 = tmp2 = weird_local_var = 0;

If I write like below, it does not happens

var normal_local_var = 0;

It is not because tmp1 & tmp2, just dummy var for testing. You can see the test via What happen?

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this is exactly why I recommend against any assignments in a var statement. – zzzzBov Aug 30 '12 at 17:21
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You can just change your init line to:

var tmp1=0, tmp2=0, weird_local_var=0, normal_local_var=0;

// or
var tmp1=0; 
var tmp2=0;
var weird_local_var=0;
var normal_local_var=0;

EDIT: See this answer too: link.

From it:

var a = b = [] is equivalent to

var a;
b = [];
a = b;

What you're doing is chaining assignments.

You're essentially assigning a reference to weird_local_var (whose value is 0) to tmp2, then assigning a reference to that reference (ie tmp1 -> tmp2) to tmp1.

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yes, but my question is what's happen to the code? – StoneHeart Aug 30 '12 at 16:59
@StoneHeart: See my edit. – Josh Aug 30 '12 at 17:01

You are creating v2 and weird_local_var as globals by not using the "var" keyword when you declare them.

try the same thing creating the variables beforehand and it will work as expected:

        var v2;
        var weird_local_var;
        var v1 = v2 = weird_local_var = 0;
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