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I am using textwatcher and I am unable to detect backspace key in textwater afterTextChange event. I also want to clear textView on some condition in textWatcher event.

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What have you tried? Can we see your TextWatcher? –  Eric Aug 30 '12 at 17:11
Code for your TextWatcher please ? –  Swayam Aug 30 '12 at 17:11
public void afterTextChanged(Editable s) { // TODO Auto-generated method stub // i want to detect backspace key here } –  Jay Gajjar Aug 30 '12 at 18:03
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A KeyListener can fulfil both of your conditions.

mEditText.setOnKeyListener(new OnKeyListener() {                 
    public boolean onKey(View v, int keyCode, KeyEvent event) {
           if(keyCode == KeyEvent.KEYCODE_DEL){  
             //on backspace
    return false        

Similarly inside the onKey(), you can put multiple check statements to check for the condition, when you would want to clear the textView.

EDIT : As @RankoR was kind enough to point out, please bear in mind that onKeyListener() works only for the hardware keyboards and not the soft keyboards.

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OnKeyListener works only for HW keyboards. –  RankoR Mar 28 '13 at 4:31
@RankoR : Yes, I am aware of the fact the onKeyListener does not work for the soft-keyboard. But if you went through the question once again, you would see that the question is not specific for the soft-keyboard. But, yes..then again, you have made a pretty much valid point. Will edit my answer to include your point. –  Swayam Mar 28 '13 at 16:33
@RankoR :Edited the answer. Maybe you can reconsider your downvote now. :D –  Swayam Mar 28 '13 at 16:39
Thanks, removed -1 and added +1 ;) –  RankoR Mar 28 '13 at 17:14
Now, that is really considerate of you! Thanks a ton! :D –  Swayam Mar 28 '13 at 17:58
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To detect a backspace in TextWatcher, you can check the variale count that is passed into the onTextChange function (count will be 0 if a backspace was entered), like this:

public void onTextChanged(CharSequence cs, int start, int before, int count) {

  if (react) {
    if (count == 0) {
      //a backspace was entered

    //clear edittext
    if(/*condition*/) {
      react = false;
      react = true;

The react boolean is needed for the setText() function other it becomes recursive. Hope this helps!

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