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New to Tire and trying to figure out how to search a DOB ( Day Of birth ) column in my Profile model.

  • Try to build a simple search where I can set the age_from and age_to ( say 20 to 60 )
  • How can I do this since I only have a dob field?
  • Would it be better to calculate the age upon record creation and store it in a column and add that to my Profile model to clean the searching ?

What would be the best approach on this? thx

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To do it with scopes, you could do:

scope :age_from, lambda { |age| 
 { :conditions => ["profiles.dob >= ?", << (12* age)] } 

scope :age_to, lambda { |age| 
 { :conditions => ["profiles.dob <= ?", << (12* age)] } 
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If your model has a dob field, then you can just do a query like so:

Profile.where(:dob => date_from..date_to)

You can pre-calculate date_from and date_to on the basis of whatever age you're trying to query for by doing something like and

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Ended up calculating the age as a integer to a seperate field, all true the app I was calculating the age based on dob while it now calc on record save – Rubytastic Aug 31 '12 at 13:14

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