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Is there any difference between the following:

#define NUM int


NUM x;
x = 5;
printf("X: %d\n", x);

And this:

typedef int NUM;


NUM x;
x = 5;
printf("X : %d\n", x);

Both tests compile and run without problems. So, are they equivalent?


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There is a difference when you want to create an alias of a pointer type.

typedef int *t1;
#define t2 int *

t1 a, b; /* a is 'int*' and b is 'int*' */
t2 c, d; /* c is 'int*' and d is 'int'  */

Moreover, typedef obey to scope rules, ie you can declared a type local to a block.

On the other hand, you can use #define when you want to manage your type in a preprocessor directive.

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