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I have a qTip tooltip attached to an element on my page whose parent <div> is hidden (display: none). I want to show the tooltip automatically when the parent becomes visible (display: block). Is this possible?

Sample HTML:

<div id="parent" style="display: none;">
    <div id="child">Child Element</div>



I've tried using the ready option to trigger the tooltip automatically:

    ready: true

But this makes the tooltip appear immediately even though the parent <div> is hidden.

qTip also provides a when option, in which you can display the tooltip when a certain event occurs, but this only accepts built-in jQuery events. I can't find a way to define my own function and show the tooltip when the display value of the parent <div> is block.

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You could use a custom event,

    show: { when: { target: $("#child").parent(), event: "showevent" } }



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Looks like you might have to simply trigger qtip() in the same place you trigger to show the parent (however you do that).

$('#whatever').on('click', function () { // just as an example
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