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Hiii to Everyone, i started my carrier with j2me(java) Nokia Mobile and woking for last three months,i have developed two rss Applications using j2me(java),

Now i have a Requirement to play shoutcast Internet Radio stream on BlackBerry Java Mobile, Here My Input URL: need to play on BlackBerry

I have tried to stream and play the above URL using j2me(java) for Nokia mobile,but i failed to open the stream here my Code for j2me(java): connection = (HttpConnection) Connector.open(URL); dataIn = connection.openDataInputStream();//here i am facing java.io.IOException: 11-Error in HTTP operation

Can any one Provide me the sample code for Streaming and Playing the above URL Internet Radio using BlackBerry Java?your help will be appreciated

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Check this article:

Streaming media, from start to finish

It has helpful information, and there is attached sample project, that utilizes streaming functionality.

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