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I have to store positive, decimal numbers like the following: 0.00005438543978579432

What is the best MySQL data type to store this type of information?

I wanted to use DECIMAL(1, 20), but the first argument has to be >= to the second argument. In my case, the positive ones digit will always be 0, so there will never be a case where I would need to store 20 digits before the ".", so it seems like a waste to have a column with data type DECIMAL(20,20).

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This says a total of 20 digits, with 20 of those digits after the decimal point. (Which means there are at most 0 digits before the decimal point.)

The precision (the first value) includes ALL of the digits, both before and after the decimal point, the total number of digits.

That's why DECIMAL(M,N) specifies M >= N. To allow for a single digit before the decimal point, then you would need M = N+1, e.g. DECIMAL(21,20).


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Ah, I misread the docs. Thank you so much. – egidra Aug 30 '12 at 18:31

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