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How get the name of the current displaying view for pass to another function?

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please explain your question more and if possible provide some code –  Umair Iqbal Aug 30 '12 at 18:44

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If you want to display view name within view :

echo $_ci_view;

Also see print_r(get_defined_vars()) you will see many interesting variables from CI.

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You could pass the name of the View to the View.


$data = array('viewName' => 'home_view');
$this->load->view($data['viewName'], $data);

Then to access in your view you could retrieve the view name with:

<?php echo $viewName ?>
//produces 'home_view'
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How get the name of the current displaying view?

$thisFile = pathinfo(__FILE__, PATHINFO_FILENAME);
$thisViewName = trim($thisFile, '.php');
echo $thisFile; // view_filename.php
echo $thisViewName; // view_filename
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I do not think there is a way to fetch the view. The closest you can do is to fetch the action and controller being routed to.

You can use the Router class provided by CodeIgniter to achieve this. Use


to get the current action.


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For those needing to know the current class name, you can use this command within the view to get its parent class.

<?= $this->router->class ?>

For the current view use:

<?= $_ci_view; ?>
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