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I am trying to call a method in action class in javascript function on button click event which is in jsp.I am using struts 2.could you tell me how to do this? There is a function in ListAlgorithmAction Class which I want to call when the user clicks submit button.

function alertselected (){
    var x = document.getElementById ( "select_name" ).selectedIndex;
    var y = document.getElementById ( "select_name" ).options;
    var id = y [x].index;

function redirect(x){
    document.getElementById ( "param_ID" ).value = x;
    document.forms ["./ListAlgorithmAction"].submit ();

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I do not think this is something related to Struts2 ,since struts2 is independent of the way you call action class be it by java-script form submit,ajax or by simple form submit.

i believe you have some form in your jsp like

<s:form action="myAction" name="myForm">
  some data


on click you can do something like

function redirect(x){

This is just solution based on your inputs and there can be many more if you able to define your problem more

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Thanks for you reply man..:) But I was just looking out how to call a method in Action class by passing param_ID as one of the parameter. – Soham Aug 30 '12 at 21:53
so what's difficult passing a parameter? is there any issue? and i already told you it dependents upon how you want to pass the values and how you want to call it – Umesh Awasthi Aug 31 '12 at 5:17
Iam struggling with how to pass my form variables to action class, your solution solves to me, Thanking you +1 – Naveen Kumar Aalone Aug 21 '13 at 13:57

For similar implementations we used to use (DWR). You can try that.. if you have big implementation i would suggest you to integrate this framework

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