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I'm using Play 2.0.2 and I'm having a problem with implicit parameters in one particular view template setup. I'll describe it the best I can but it's not exactly trivial so I apologize in advance for any confusion.

Central to the issue is a template I have called "piece". piece takes these parameters:

@(piecesData: objects.PiecesDataRequest)(implicit content: Html)

The content parameter is implicit because I am calling this template from another template as well as from a controller. I could not find a way to explicitly pass "empty" Html to the piece template from the controller, however it works if I implicitly pass the content param. The template using piece is "pieceUploadModal" which takes these parameters:

@(piecesData: objects.PiecesDataRequest, 
  pieceData: objects.PieceDataRequest, dialogTitle: String)

and calls piece like this:

@pieces(piecesData){ [Html] }

Now I want to add a second implicit param to piece which changes its param list too:

@(piecesData: objects.PiecesDataRequest)(implicit content: Html, user: User)

and I assumed then that I would need to change the pieceUploadModal template params too:

@(piecesData: objects.PiecesDataRequest, 
  pieceData: objects.PieceDataRequest, dialogTitle: String)(implicit user: User)

And be good to go... however, I get an error that isn't very helpeful:

pieceUploadModal.template.scala:24: not enough arguments for method apply: 
(implicit      content: play.api.templates.Html, 
implicit user: models.User)play.api.templates.Html in object pieces.
[error] Unspecified value parameter user.
[error] """),_display_(Seq[Any]
{_display_(Seq[Any] (format.raw/*3.40*/("""

I have been trying to get this to work in many different ways for a couple of hours and done numerous internet searches to no avail. Any help would be appreciated.

As a last piece of information, I will add that the paradigm I'm using here of passing the user implicitly works with all of my other templates that are not using the implicit Html parameter, i.e. I believe that is the crux of the issue here.

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btw, we have Html.empty –  incrop Aug 31 '12 at 7:47

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I could not find a way to explicitly pass "empty" Html to the piece template from the controller

Empty Html can be passed with Html(""), you can even define it as a default value.

But in the end you just have to listen to compiler - it never lies. From your comments I understand this is how you defined your template:

(piecesData: controllers.objects.PiecesDataRequest)(content: play.api.templates.Html)(implicit user: models.User)

and this is how you call it:

views.html.content.pieces(PiecesDataRequest( Piece.getPiecesForContentFeed(contentFeedID), contentFeedID), Html(""))

You define three parens, but you are calling only two. Do it like this:

       PiecesDataRequest(Piece.getPiecesForContentFeed(contentFeedID), contentFeedID))(Html(""))
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Actually, I tried both of those methods for passing empty Html - try it, it didn't work for me. Secondly, your explanation about mixing explicit and implicit makes sense... I did try swapping the html and user params - didn't work. Making it explicit kinda defeats the purpose - avoiding passing the user through every single controller call to a view using pieces. –  JoeT Aug 30 '12 at 20:35
What exactly doesn't work, what's the error? I'm using empty Html in my templates all the time. –  Marius Soutier Aug 30 '12 at 21:09
If I set the content param like this @(...)(content: Html = Html("")) and call from my controller, I get this error: Pieces.scala:48: missing arguments for method apply in object pieces; [error] follow this method with `_' if you want to treat it as a partially applied function [error] Ok(views.html.content.pieces( PiecesDataRequest( Piece.getPiecesForContentFeed(contentFeedID), contentFeedID))) I have tried the suggestion to partially apply the function but I just get different errors not matter what. –  JoeT Aug 30 '12 at 21:15
If I try to pass the Html param from my controller, like this: Ok(views.html.content.pieces( PiecesDataRequest( Piece.getPiecesForContentFeed(contentFeedID), contentFeedID), Html(""))) then I get this error: Pieces.scala:48: too many arguments for method apply: (piecesData: controllers.objects.PiecesDataRequest)(content: play.api.templates.Html)(implicit user: models.User)play.api.templates.Html in object pieces [error] Ok(views.html.content.pieces( PiecesDataRequest( Piece.getPiecesForContentFeed(contentFeedID), contentFeedID), Html(""))) –  JoeT Aug 30 '12 at 21:17
And many permutations of both solutions... I just end up with the same or different compile errors –  JoeT Aug 30 '12 at 21:17

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