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I need help for discrete wavelet transformation source code with MATLAB. Could I know full discrete wavelet transformation source code with MATLAB that can be used for video processing?

Especially I need code for a Wyner-Ziv filter using wavelet transformation with MATLAB.

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I would strongly recommend the MATLAB Wavelet Toolbox for this application. It is intuitive and easy to use and you can get up and running very quickly on wavelet transforms in general, and the discrete wavelet transform in particular. We have been using it in my group for 1D applications, but much of the toolbox is designed specifically to be used for 2D image processing related tasks.

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I would also highly recommend this toolbox. We used it quite a bit in my image processing courses, and its pretty simple to use and implement the various wavelets. –  espais Sep 4 '09 at 11:56

As an alternative to the Mathworks-specific MATLAB Wavelet Toolbox, I would also suggest the

I am not too sure about video processing, but all three are good-quality and free.

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I can recommend the book "Ripples in Mathematics: The Discrete Wavelet Transform" by A. Jensen and Anders la Cour-Harbo (ISBN: 3-540-41662-5). In fact, a few years ago, I participated in a course held by one of the authors. The book contains MATLAB source and chapter 13, starting on page 211, is "Wavelets in MATLAB".

It also has 2D transform examples (for images). Chapter 6, "Two Dimensional Transforms", starts with "In this chapter we will briefly show how the discrete wavelet transform can applied to two dimensional signals, such as images".

For some examples it uses the free Uvi_Wave Wavelet Toolbox - "... is a set of Wavelet Processing based functions implemented under ... MATLAB ... includes Wavelet Transform functions for one or more dimensions... includes Wavelet Packet Transform (one and two dimensional)."

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You could try a trial version of the Matlab Wavelet Toolbox.

Or google dwt matlab.

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