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I am working on a 3rd party library in PROJECTROOT/libraries/mylib. have a controller in mylib/controllers, which is working. li3 tells me it expects a view in PROJECTROOT/app/views/ -- how can I load a view from mylib/views instead of app ?

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That can be easily achieved by setting the render paths in a controller. You probably want to do that for every controller in mylib, so a BaseController that all controllers extent from is a good idea. You can then use lithiums default called method _init() to setup the configurtion like that:

class BaseController extends \lithium\action\Controller {

    public function _init() {

        $this->_render['paths'] = array(
            'template' => array(
                LITHIUM_APP_PATH . '/views/{:controller}/{:template}.{:type}.php',
            'layout' => array(
                LITHIUM_APP_PATH . '/views/layouts/{:layout}.{:type}.php',
            'element' => array(
                LITHIUM_APP_PATH . '/views/elements/{:template}.{:type}.php',

You can have a look at it here:

Please note, that i set it up that way, so the application can overwrite specific views in order to customize it further.

Also, there is an issue/pull-request on github regarding that topic, have a look here:

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Just noticed that you are the author of the pull-request - so you probably have that solved. But in case you need it before the pull-request is accepted, you can use above code. – d1rk Sep 20 '12 at 8:07

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