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There are a number of tools which make it possible to measure how much memory (and how many objects) are allocated by a Ruby program, and where the allocation is occurring.

  • memprof
  • BleakHouse
  • ruby-prof
  • (if using JRuby) hprof (and the like)

Unfortunately, it seems like all these tools only work with Ruby 1.8, at least for now. Even JRuby is only Ruby 1.8-compatible right now. Is there a good allocation tracer out there which works with Ruby 1.9?

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What did you mean by JRuby being only 1.8 compatible? I thought it's been 1.9 compatible for a while. –  Andrew Grimm Mar 11 '13 at 3:41
@AndrewGrimm, last time I worked with JRuby (which was quite a while ago now) it was compatible with MRI 1.8. If you'd like to edit this question to make it more useful for new readers, please do so. –  Alex D Mar 11 '13 at 11:49

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It looks like perftools.rb (https://github.com/tmm1/perftools.rb) can collect information on object allocations, and it works with Ruby 1.9. Unfortunately, it segfaults when I try to use it to trace object allocations!

If the problem is fixed, I will edit this answer.

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