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I've been looking at this for awhile now. My legends are running out of the chart area. Is there a way to vertically justify legend in ggplot2?

ggplot(x, aes(x=TimeStamp, y=Average, colour=Host, group=Host))
     + geom_point(size=0.4) 
     + geom_smooth(method="lm", se=FALSE, size=1)
     + theme_bw() 
     + xlab("Date") 
     + ylab("% CPU Utilization") 
     +opts(axis.title.x = theme_text(face="bold", colour="#990000"), axis.text.x  =   theme_text(angle=90), axis.title.y = theme_text(face="bold", colour="#990000", angle=90),legend.key.size = unit(0.8, 'lines'))
     + ylim(0, 100)
     + scale_x_date(breaks = "1 week", minor_breaks = "1 day", labels=date_format("%b-%d-%y")) 
     + opts(legend.text = theme_text(colour = 'black',size = 10))
     + labs(colour = "Servers") 
     + guides(col=guide_legend(nrow=30))
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Isn't this related to your previous question (in which case you could simply update it instead of posting a new one)? –  chl Aug 31 '12 at 9:22
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This should work:

ggplot(...) + theme(legend.direction='vertical',legend.box='horizontal')

If you want to control the absolute position of the legend.

ggplot(...) + theme(legend.direction='vertical',
legend.position = c(0.025,0.975),
legend.justification = c(0, 1))

Which, for example, places the legend inside the top left corner of the graph.

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