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I have a ListView that is populated by three (3) ArrayList's:

items, ratings and comments

However, I need to sort items by ignoring the leading 'the'. I already have accomplished this by rearranging the items ArrayList using a Collections.sort (see code below), but this is the issue: the comments and ratings are not rearranged so it comes out of order in the ListView.

For example, if the list was:

  1. Cars 3 4
  2. People 5 3
  3. The Animals 7 4

After items sort I am getting:

  1. The Animals 3 4
  2. Cars 5 3
  3. People 7 4

So the items are lining up as I'd like but the associated comments and ratings aren't sorted. I am not sure how to make that happen and where to place it. I think in the ArrayAdapter?

Here is the code I do to change the items list:

        Comparator<String> ignoreLeadingThe = new Comparator<String>() {
            public int compare(String a, String b) {
                a = a.replaceAll("(?i)^the\\s+", "");
                b = b.replaceAll("(?i)^the\\s+", "");
                return a.compareToIgnoreCase(b);

        Collections.sort(items, ignoreLeadingThe);

Here is the questions? Where and how can I sort the ratings and comments lists based on the position of the item list?


this is my getView code in my ArrayAdapter:

    ItemObject io = getItem(position);
    String name =;
    String total =;
    String rating = io.ratings;
    String comment = io.comments;


Note: There is a 4th ArrayList called total I did not mention in the above example.

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You should look at creating a class to wrap your items in the ArrayList, something like this:

class MyItem {
    String item;
    int ratings;
    int comments;

Then have an ArrayList of these objects instead:

List<MyItem> myList = new ArrayList<MyItem>();

Then in your comparator, just do it like you're doing, but testing against MyItem.item instead of just a and b. Something like this:

Comparator<MyItem> ignoreLeadingThe = new Comparator<MyItem>() {
    public int compare(MyItem a, MyItem b) {
        a.item = a.item.replaceAll("(?i(^the\\s+", "");
        b.item = b.item.replaceAll("(?i(^the\\s+", "");
        return a.item.compareToIgnoreCase(b.item);

Collections.sort(myList, ignoreLeadingThe);
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That's brilliant! I already have a class like that I am using. I have updated my question to show you how I output from the class/object in the getView method. Is this where I would use your code above? Or do I do this in the main ListActivity before I call the adapter? – KickingLettuce Aug 30 '12 at 20:00
Yup! You can just use your ItemObject class instead of the MyItem class that I used as an example. – kcoppock Aug 30 '12 at 20:02
Ok, one more quick question on implementation: I am not sure what to put in the Collections.sort. It has to be a List, right? Are we really sorting "items"? Aren't we sorting the ItemObject now? – KickingLettuce Aug 30 '12 at 20:42
You're sorting a List of ItemObjects. items should be an ArrayList<ItemObject>. I just copied items from your description, but from my example, it should've been myList. I'll edit to make that clearer. – kcoppock Aug 30 '12 at 20:48
Ok that's what I thought. That is working in my code with no errors.. Though nothing is being sort yet (based on trimming the "the"'s). I am actually attempting this sort before my Adapter is set rather than in my Adapter. (Hope that's right?) I'll mark you correct cause I think you got me on the right path! – KickingLettuce Aug 30 '12 at 21:03

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