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Before I file a bug report I'd like to make sure I'm not missing something. If I have the files

class A(object):

  def someMethod(self):

class B(object):

  def someMethod(self):

  def someOtherMethod(self):

class SomeOtherClass(object):

  def someMethod(self):

And do Refactoring>Rename on someMethod in the B.someOtherMethod method, PyDev renames every method called someMethod, even refac2.SomeOtherClass.someMethod. My expectation is that it should only rename B.someMethod. I've looked around for settings that might affect this, but it seems that a global search and replace is the only behavior available, which IMO is very dangerous and makes method refactoring unuseable. Is there something I'm missing?

Ubuntu 12.04
Eclipse 3.7.2

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The method refactoring as it currently is in PyDev is pretty much unusable, but I think the reason is, that it's hard and might be almost unpossible to find all places where someMethod is called, because there's not much information about the type of a variable, so it could be A, B or SomeOtherclass.

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