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Example if an ID is 1213 i want show **13.

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If it's a number

select '**' || substr(to_char(id),3)
  from my_table

Or, if it's already a character

select '**' || substr(id,3)
  from my_table

This concatenates ** onto the beginning of the string, using the Oracle concatenation operator || and removes the first two characters of the id using substr.

Here's a SQL Fiddle to demonstrate.

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If you don't want to sacrifice performance too much, to mask first two characters you can use-

SQL> select regexp_replace('1213','(.)2','**') from dual; --if VARCHAR


SQL> select regexp_replace(1213,'(.)2','**') from dual;  --if NUMBER


REGEXP_REPLACE will work alike on NUMBER and VARCHAR so you save some conversion time there.

Consecutively, you can create a Function Based Index on the regexp function operation to optimize the query like (considering you would always want to mask only first two characters of ID) -

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